How many times we’ve regretted not expressing how we feel to a friend or a loved one? There’s always something or the other to distract us from getting to certain things we know we should’ve done. In the back of our minds, we know we are missing out something but how many times we break the ice? Maybe you might have had a huge fight with your friend and decided not to talk to him/her till your last breath. There would’ve been so many times when you really felt the void and wanted to at least hear his/her voice or longed to have a cup of coffee and confess how did you feel after you decided to part ways.And then suddenly in the middle of the night there comes a news that the person is no more. He has gone very far away from all of us, away from all worldly emotions. Distressed by the news you reach out to call him but you already know it’s too late now to realize that the anger hidden inside has killed a beautiful bond.All night long a flashback of all the beautiful memories of the past goes on like a movie. Are you still holding grudges against your friend? The answer would probably be a big NO! Then why didn’t I talk to him? It might have been my last chance to make things correct. A last chance to see us chuckle at the old college jokes. But in this egotistic world where we remain so much absorbed in our own lives we forget to say things that should have been said long back. The regret is interminable. Did the story of friendship deserve this ending? Why can’t everything in life have a happy ending.On this note, I remember a Shayari which I recited in my 11th standard:

“Hazaaron manzilen hongi, hazaron karwan honge..

Nigahein unhe dhoondhengi, na jaane woh kahan honge ?“


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