Relationship, in other words, is a sort of attachment. No matter what type of relationship you are in, it could be with a person, it could be with any living being for that matter. Human relationship equally depends on the other person whom you are in relationship with. When we relate ourselves to another person, or to an animal we develop a relationship with that person or animal. The more we get attached, the stronger becomes our relationship. This bonding between two people gets stronger with time and the interactions between those two people. But in some cases, it has been observed that somehow after spending some time together this bonding slowly turns into a sort of binding. The two people in relationship start imposing certain things on each other which eventually, however unconsciously, leads to an invisible prison. Everyone is born free and wants to live in the complete freedom at all levels. But when we develop a relationship with someone, we tend to posses that person and we don’t even realize it. Certain restrictions arise from this possession which destroys the true essence of relationship. It disturbs the balance and equilibrium of relationship. The harmony in any relationship can be maintained only through a perfect space between the two people. Every person has his or her own sphere of influence and it starts shaking when the other person tries to enter that sphere. However, the sphere of influence varies from person to person and for person to person. Freedom could help a relationship last forever. But what usually happens is that we want freedom for ourselves and we fear to give the same to the other person. This fear is again born out of our possessiveness. We must first understand few basics of a relationship. Relationship should only mean two (or more) people enjoy each other’s company in their absolute freedom. It could be any kind of relationship, be it a relationship between two friends, or husband and wife or parents and children or any other relationship. These are merely different names of a common thread that ties two people together which we call relationship. We should not impose anything on the other person. This invasion into someone’s freedom can harm relationship to an unexpected extent. And when the two people in relationship enjoy their freedom while staying together they cannot blame each other for anything which ultimately eliminates the reason for quarrels and disputes between them. Possession is suffocating. Nobody wants to be treated as slave or to be dominated for whatsoever reason. On the other hand, it’s been observed that when we are in relationship, we mutually agree on certain things. It shows that the other person is more important for us than what we agree on. Being in a relationship, we learn how to respect the other person. Our opinion differs but we can always find a midway. Here comes the aspect of compromising. Compromising could also be interpreted as an act of prioritizing the person over and above all.  When we chose a person who seems to be in sync with us, we don’t want to let go that person. That person becomes so important for us that we agree on compromising on few things in our life which otherwise would have been our priority. Relationship can teach us many such aspects of life. Thus, instead of reducing relationship into a contract of any sort between two people we should give wings to our relationship and it can take us to the unknown heights of humanity. A relationship can explore new horizons. It can bring completely different meaning to the life. The only key is to be open in relationship.

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