I started being conscious about my height because of being body shamed by my friends.
I was in my seventh standard or so, I remember my post-period days, standing in front of the mirror, anxiously looking at my height and examining whether it has increased or not.
I remember days, wearing flat slippers..
I remember my friends mocking "You look so short"
I cried. I cried hard those days.
Days passed, I upgraded myself from flat to heels
Insecurities increased.
Spent days and hours by scrolling internet feed and asking people about their opinions about "How to gain some height?"
I recovered. Yes I did.
But after a long fight. After watching myself crying in front of the mirror after almost 10 years, and realizing that I am beautiful.
But even after all this trust me people, even when I want to buy something, I stand still, thinking "What would people say?" "Do I really look good?" And that's heart-wrenching.

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