Have Mobile Phones really enslaved us?
A device was invented to make our life easier. There were days when we had to wait for 3 days or so to talk to our parents, relatives over the Landline phone. Having talked over the phone we would be happy not only because of talking to our dear ones but also because of getting a chance after waiting for days. Now those days are gone. Advancement in Technologies has made it too easy that now when we have a need to talk to someone we simply dial the number and call anytime, anywhere. At one end when we talk about the advantages of Cell phones, at the other end we turn a blind eye to its disadvantages. Off course, the advantages are indomitable over its counter parts but are we really bothered about that? This question has always been a matter of concern over the years and which persists today as well.
Mobile phones are ubiquitous now a days. They, somewhere or the other have now become a mode of grandiloquence. Today I don’t see a person who doesn't have an Android phone/I-phone. I was flabbergasted when my Dad told me about a guard in his office whose salary is merely 8k-9k but the phone which he carries costs worth Rs. 10k or so. From this case, we can get to know about the importance of phones in our lives in off course a negative way.
I very often hear from many people that they can’t live without phones. They don’t run a grand business empire but still they say this thing and then I feel they are completely being trapped and have become slave of technology. I got to understand the negative impacts of mobiles when I noticed one of my ex-roommates. When we shared the same flat, I used to notice him sometimes and I’m pretty sure that the same routine continues today also. His day starts with his first glance at the messages which he gets on Watsapp. It would be better if I don’t call it Glance because he gets himself too engaged in chatting that he delays his further jobs which ultimately get him late for office. His good nights turn into chatting nights which start from 1 A.M. or so because around this time he sleeps. I rather think chatting is such a futile conversation where time skips too fast and we don't even realize that we have squandered an hour or so. I remember when I interrupted him once while he was in the middle of his chatting and asked him to put down the cell and come for dinner but what happened next: he shouted on me saying “I just took my mobile 5 minutes ago, and I am just checking if I have got any urgent message from anyone”. The moment I heard this, I started thinking, “If somebody had an urgent work then s(he) would have called you instead. Why would s(he) wait for you to answer the message”. I realized that I wasted my energy because that guy was not going to listen to me but at least I learnt one thing that we should not teach anybody a lesson for free because people just turn a deaf ear to our pieces of advice. I have seen people looking at their phones while strolling on roads. They don’t even care they might face an accident but it seems like they don’t value the lives which their parents blessed them with.

Apps are made to be used to make our lives easier but now they have become a mode of Enjoyment. I hardly find apps like The Hindu, The TOI, and some other useful apps in my friends' /colleagues' cell phones but it’s very easy to find apps like Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These trifling problems are prevalent among us, middle class people only I guess because I have seen rich guys who carry simple Non-Camera cell phone because they are too busy in their career that they don’t find time to waste in these stuffs.
I am not against the use of phones but I feel bad when I find people getting completely enslaved by them. Mobile phones were invented to make our life smooth, to allow us to be in touch with our family, friends but not to harm us. I urge everyone over here to think of your lives because you have got just one life and don’t waste it in these frivolous things which give you nothing but pain in your coming future. Better to engage yourself in some productive activities including Execise, improving your personality, working towards your goals $ portfolio, having some sweet conversations with your parents, reading good books rather than watching movies only, etc….Trust me, you will get to know the difference in yourself if you do so. Easier said than done but once you do it, you will require no one to teach you any lesson.

Vinay Agarawal

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