Don’t know why but yes “life is on the edge”..every time i think about the life i get scared..what will be going to happen tomorrow..even i don’t know what is going to happen on the next second..while writing the article i am having lots of thought in my mind..some i am going to written over here while some will never come to my mind again..

I m saying life is on the edge means all time we afraid of some ideas..some things..some people..they always create a huge destruction in life..winning of such type of thoughts lead to huge loss..even a single mistake can turn into a huge one due to them..

people here are only to destruct us from our right way..never ever going to help us..they are just here to push us into the river having no water..they just want that we always remain behind them..people talk to us only when  they have their own benefits..no on bother to waste time on the ordinary people having nothing special to give..

Everyone is afraid of other..why this all is happening…????

people who sometimes talks us of giving lifetime support turns into an enemy next second..then how to distinguish among the right people and wrong people..

sometime thoughts are so positive in our mind that we trust everyone with no conditions, next second we come to know that why we became so positive and trust the biggest bluff-master of the world.. i m not saying everyone is a cheater or else but maximum people want to destroy others..they just show off their love..they never wanted to help us,they were with us only for their sake..that’ s a big factor behind the frustration of peoples now a day..really life is on the edge..life is so unpredictable..

sometime my life says me to laugh so loudly that my all frustrations go far away from me but how can i do it Mr.Life..????though i want to laugh but i am not in condition to laugh because the reasons,,the factors,,the peoples who made me laugh are actually never wanted me to b happy,,thinking all these gives a real pain to me..

life..life..life..it goes on,,people comes use us throw us and we just remain seated thinking all these..n at that time we smile on ourselves..life it goes on..

life is on the edge simply want to say that life is unpredictable what is left side of  life and what is on right side of life no one can predict..and our life is on an edge,a normal disturbance can throw us in either of the two sides..you never know where you will fall..its life dear,,its life..

what we have to do according to me that accept the things you get from the life in the forms of challenges,,opportunities,,etc..accept every term and conditions of life..let people hurt you..let them use and throw you..let life going on in whatever direction it is going..may be it is a wish of the supreme controller..love life in all the conditions..try to infer the things which are not predictable..try..as life goes on you also keep on going forward..life may have some drawbacks but some advantages are also there..live life..love life…after all the life is all yours..who knows it will come again..live life..life will definitely give you chances to be live..to be happy..


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