I wish there are words to describe
How I feel when you're by my side
When my soul's darkness brims over
And my mind — it's taken over...
Yet you stay, stayed until it all fades away
The mist, the shadows, the noise, the pain
And all that's left is longing
Longing to let your smile linger, and stay.

I wish there are words that can express
The thoughts I keep in my heart
As you hold my hand when it's quietly shaking;
Now, my feet, they're aching
To run to where you are — hopefully, waiting
Amidst the mist, noise, pain, and shadows
For me, impatient eyes filled with patient longing
Believing in me to get past through.

I wish there are words to let you know enough
Why I can't help but fall, stay, and be in love with you
Even when the road's all broken, and so are we
You had every right to give up on me
But you didn't — I could not understand why
You're here, you stayed and I can't help myself
From reflecting your beautiful smile


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