1. Never spit: I have seen people spitting (tobacco, pan masala, etc.) on road while driving their vehicles. It not only does aggravate roads but also affects other commuters. Your spitting can leave a stain on other commuters' branded clothes.

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2. Always clean the basin: Having washed hands and mouth after having food, always clean the wash basin by running water tap so that other people can also use it. It shows civic sense.

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3. Don't yank your hands: Never ever should you yank your hands forcefully after washing them, as this can result in sprinkles on faces of other people washing hands near you.

4. Always put chair at the right place: Having food, always keep chair under the table. We pull chairs to sit but don't keep them at their right place having food.

5. No hesitation in cleaning the table: While eating, sometimes food falls on the table. Having food, we should take responsibility to put those fallen pieces back in the plate. Don't leave it for cleaning people to clean it.

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Acquire the above mentioned habits, other people will love to be with you. This shows you are educated.


Vinay Agarawal

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