Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.  


 A choice between where you should be and where you want to be would always be difficult but choosing the path where you want to be and to get on it with patience, will always give you success with satisfaction. Here is a story which set a perfect example for this. Story of my friend Raj, whose one decision changed his life. 

Raj's elder brother, Ram and me were good friends from school. I met Raj, through Ram. As Raj was one year younger than Ram, both were very friendly but Ram always played 'Elder Brother Role' in every situation in Raj's life. I was shocked, the day I got the news, Raj dropped out from his government college, and he took this decision on his own, going against his family, friends and everyone else. I was shocked not because he dropped out from his college but he took this decision on his own, going against everyone.  

I knew Raj very well. He was pampered a lot from his childhood. He never took any decision by himself. Raj was an average student in school. He was strongly connected with his parents, family and hometown. He never wanted to live far from them. After HSC class (10th class), Raj joined a 3 years diploma course in Polytechnic college, Jhansi around 20 km distance from his hometown. After a year, we (Ram and me) also joined engineering college. We tried our best but could not get any government college and later joined private college. Ram got college in Indore and I got in Gwalior. 

Year 2011, when Me and Ram were in 2nd Year of engineering, Raj completed his Polytechnic diploma degree with good academics. After completion of diploma, his family suggested to go for Engineering. To get a good engineering college Raj had to give an Engineering Entrance test for college in Madhya Pradesh. Raj did not know what he actually want, however he applied for same as his family decided that perusing engineering would be the best career path for him. Raj prepared for the exam and secured good Rank. He got DAVV college, Indore, one of the best colleges in Madhya Pradesh directly in 2nd Year. Getting admission in DAVV College, Indore was not that easy for anyone. Raj joined the college. Now Ram and Raj both were in Indore, parents were happy. Raj was living in college hostel and not with Ram. 

Raj started attending classes. After 2 months he started feeling homesick. He started questioning himself why he is pursuing engineering far from home. He somehow knew Polytechnic diploma is enough to get a good enough job. Within one month Raj was certain that he needs government job and not a degree from a government college. He discussed with Ram that he do not want to pursue engineering and want to prepare for government exams. Ram tried to convince him that he should not think like this because this will distract his mind from studies. Ram also told him that you are not saying this because you are not interested in engineering but this is because of your homesickness. Raj did not stop here, he took this discussion to his parents. His parents clearly said 'No' for this. They said if you want to prepare you can do this parallelly. Now, Raj did not have any other option, he had to pursue engineering. On other side, his heart was not accepting what he was doing. 

I read this somewhere:

If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time. 

Raj was feeling the same. He tried to do both parallelly but it was not possible for him as clearing engineering exams were not that easy for him. 6 months passed, Raj completed his first semester and visited home. The spark in him caught fire when he got the news that his two friends from his polytechnic college got government jobs near hometown. He started the discussion again but anyhow his parents convinced him and asked him to go back to Indore. 

When he came back, he first met Ram and tried to make him understand but his efforts were worthless. Ram did not support him but he predicted that Raj will not be convinced by anyone and will surely go home back. Raj again started telling everyone in family that he just need a chance to prepare for government jobs. Raj was very confident that he can get government job if he gets a chance.  

Raj was very close to his mother. He thought she will understand and will take her side. He used to call her several times in a day but he did not get any hope from her also. One day Raj's mother told him, 'I don't have any problem if your father allows you to quit Engineering'. His mother knew If his father will deny strictly, Raj will never think about it again. 

Now Raj called his father and tried again but His father didn't agree with him and asked Raj to focus on Engineering. Everyone in his circle, family and friends, started gossiping that he either  gone mad or does not want to study anymore. His parents were surprising why Raj is not listening this time? On other side, Raj was in dilemma. His inner voice was saying he should quit engineering but no one was understanding. He wanted to follow his heart but no was supporting him. He could take action alone but he did not just because his father was not agree. 

It's been 2 months, Raj couldn't reach at any decision. He was getting frustrated day by day. It was a Sunday when he visited Khajrana Temple which is a very much believed temple in Indore. He prayed, 'I just don't want to be in this dilemma anymore. Please do something, in next one week I want decide if I have to pursue engineering or should go for government job preparation'. 

The discussion continued. He received several calls from his relatives. They tried to convince him. On the third day of week, Ram and his friends met him and tried to make him understand. Fifth day he decided that he will give one last try and will call his father one more time and if he denies this time also, he will pursue engineering.  

He called his father. His father was trying to convince him and said, "If you will complete the engineering then there will be more career options for you. You can go for government job also and can get better post as well. We can see your better future here. Please try to understand. 

When Raj replied his father couldn't say anything. He just allowed him to do what Raj wanted to do. Raj said, 'I have never went against your decision in life but there must be some reason why I arguing this much. Don't you think I am very confident about what I want to do and because of that only I am fighting again and again. Show some faith on me unless I will be hopeless for life. This time don't make me understand rather try to understand.' Raj's father tried to understand and asked him to quit engineering and come back home. On 6th day he did all the formalities to withdraw his admission from college and next he took bus for Jhansi. 

September 2011, Raj reached his home town. After reaching home, the first thing he realized that preparing for his dream job at home will be very difficult for him as no one except his father and Ram were supporting his decision. Everyone was showing negativity for his decision. A negative environment was created around him. Keeping focus on his study was seeming very difficult so the first thing he did before starting preparation was writing a quote on a wall  in his room:  


He started preparation and in next few days he met one of his friends Vivek who was also preparing for government jobs. They shook their hands and started studying together. This was a big relief for Raj that he got company. For next four months they just studied together in a routine from 10 AM to 4 PM daily.  

In 2012 they started applying for jobs and wrote the exams but unfortunately they couldn't clear any of the exams. After many unsuccessful attempts in written exams people started raising questions on Raj's seriousness. But he did not lose his patience and tried again.  

Again in 2013, they appeared for many written tests for gov jobs. This time they cleared some written tests and appeared for interview round. Vivek cleared written test for J. E. Railways and Raj got interview call for BEL. Raj's interview was excellent in BEL and interview was very impressed with him. Raj was very confident that he will get job in BEL but the number of seats were few and Raj's written test marks were not enough to come into the selection criteria, he did not get the job. On other side Vivek cleared all the rounds in J. E. in Indian Railways and got the job. 

End of 2013 was difficult for Raj. Now, He was alone and needed one more chance. His father again supported him and gave one year for preparation. On other hand they told Raj if this year also he could not clear the exams and interviews then they will plan to open a general store or garments shop for him. But Raj kept his focus on his weaknesses and worked on it. This year he cleared written test for DRDO with excellent marks and got call letter for Interview. Believing that this is his last change, Raj started preparing for interview and called his friends to take some tips. One day Raj got to know that a senior from his hometown and diploma college who got selected for same post in DRDO, came for vacation. Raj chased him and luckily one day he got a chance to meet his senior. Raj got good tips. His senior asked him to read some subject and topics in deep, which Raj was dropping as those were the high level concepts and should not be asked in interview. Raj's senior told him that these topics will not be asked in interview but those will boost his confidence.  

Raj followed the same and  got benefited. He cleared the interview and in mid of 2014 he got the joining letter from DRDO. Raj appeared for 28 job exams before getting his dream job but he never lose his patience.

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