The Rabbit & Tortoise

We all have heard this story but is not as captivating as mine is I think 😉
Here I go!! 
December: A terminating month of an year which brings joy for all of us as it gives us a chance to celebrate a pristine featival of Christmas. A month which people enjoy because of the season God grace us with: Winter. A month in which people collate all their memories associated with the year, wait for 31st to say Bye Bye followed by welcoming of a New Year.
It was 5:30 in the morning of a fine day in Dec. I was leaving office after working for 8–9 hours at night. Night shift: which I very often get to work in and feel very grateful to my managers for this). It was a biting cold outside which most of the people enjoy in Pune so do I provided if you are fully covered with a Jacket, and a scarf- the same stuff which our lovely Mothers put onto our body when we are in our childhood. So I went to the washroom to put an inner, a jacket which can fully cover my body, a scarf. 
Started the ignition of Activa 3G (3G: An alphanumeric word which was just cascaded to word ‘Activa’ just to enhance the sales and which is called A Marketing game.), a vehicle which starts trembling once it crosses 80Kmph and I have a great aversion to it for this thing. The only one thing which gives me relief is the so called Average. I started increasing the speed gradually from 20 to 30 to 40, after travelling for some 100 meters or so, I saw a girl fully covered with scarf and a helmet which didn't allow me to look at the face unfortunately. The girl was also leaving for her house after doing work in night shift. She was trying to start the ignition of her Activa 3G but due to cold the engine didn't allow her to do so. I think the girl must be pretty that's why the engine wanted to tease the girl by not getting started (bhaav kha rha tha). But since the engine had already fallen in love with that girl so it thought not to tease her over and over again and finally decided to start. 
Structure of roads and Speed breakers of Pune play a major role in aggravating the condition of your vehicle. I was ahead of that girl but due to a speed breaker I had to slow down the vehicle. The moment I did this, the girl surpassed me. I was like, “ how dare she to do so!”. Many of us don't like to get surpassed by a girl when we and girls both are driving vehicles. Same the case is with me also. I increased the speed again but had to slow down due to another speed breaker. I felt, the girl has no afinity with her vehicle so she didn't slow down that before the speed breaker. She was ahead of me and we both exited the Wipro campus. I tried hard to overtake her but couldn't do so till we both reached Eternia one after the other. Apart from our vehicles, there were some heavy vehicles including 2 Travellers, 1 Indigo, 1 truck at that moment. We both slowed down the speed but anyway I had the feeling of retaliation so I decided to increase the speed slowly. The drivers of Travellers got irritated and started making sound via Horn. I didn't care for that and I continued to increase the speed and finally overtook that girl. From that moment I never brought the speed below 55–60 and was driving ahead of that girl till I reached Wakad bridge. I successfully crossed the bridge. Then I thought, “I must have come too away from that girl and she must be on her way behind me or she somewhere must have taken some other route which can make her to her home”. I slowed down my vehicle and decided to drive slowly. It seems to me that girl was aware of my intentions to win this race and God was also at her side. The moment I decreased the speed, the girl overtook me and the very next second I was like “What the F**k!”. The girl was looking to drive her vehicle at 65–70 Kmph. I again increased the speed from 45 to 5o to 55 to 60 to 65 and was trying hard to cross her. But she must have known my intentions fully by then and didn't dare to slow down her 2-wheeler. The distance between us was getting increased continuously but I was able to recognize her. She again increased the speed and at one moment she started to get disappeared to me. I tried hard then to atleast catch her but after a struggle of 5 minutes. I finally lost that battle. I think, now there is no need to mention, who was rabbit and who was tortoise.
We all have been taught by our teachers, parents to work hard, study hard to defeat others but we seldom listen to them. We start our journey fully filled with power, determination to achieve our goals but somewhere on the way, we slow down the speed. We start loosing the determination, start not following the descipline which ultimately result in failure. And then we curse ourselves. It’s well said that in 99% of the cases people loose when they are about to win.
I know my above story can put you in a thought that how silly and stupid I was who didn't care of my life and wanted to win that futile race. But this is the harsh reality of our life when it comes to achieve our goals and objectives. 
Take the above narration in a positive way and start working hard towards your portfolio. Follow your heart, bring some discipline in your life and very soon you will find positive results. I am saying this because I have felt this and the joy of achieving something after a struggle is worth enjoying.
It was morning so I could drive my vehicle at a high speed. But otherwise I advise you all not to drive your vehicles fast just in order to win any race. If you really want to win any race then enhance the speed of your daily progression and win that by achieving your goals of your life. 
Best f Luck! 
Vinay Agarawal

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