Couldn't crack CAT, So did I waste my one year of preparation?
No, I didn't. But why? Have a look!
I began my preparation in August 2015, thought to clear CAT. Worked hard on Quant, DILR but not enough in English. Scored good in former sections but couldn't in English.
Began reading novels, newspapers (Mainly The Hindu, TOI, The Economic Times), Quora, and everything which came on the way. Now this will be continued till the end of my life.
Improved Vocabulary, added too many words in my Vocab list which now help me to communicate with people effectively and differentiate me from people who don't have words in their dictionary.
Preparation taught me to pen down thoughts on paper. Thanks to Vocabulary, my reading habit, broader way of looking at things, information which I daily get after reading and many more things.
Quant helped and helps me in working on numbers faster. Now I can calculate the % discount a shopkeeper offers on a product then and there.
Quant helps me in adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing numbers faster.
Eg.: Went to purchase some groceries at a store, asked for a bill, shopkeeper started a calculator to sum up the prices and before he could find out the sum, I told him the sum.
Thanks to my ability to play with numbers in a much effective manner.
Preparation never allowed me to sit idle doing nothing. The same persists now also: can't sit idle b/c I believe in “khali dimag shaitan ka”.
Preparation helped me in bringing descipline in life which helps me today also. It taught me never to quit. So decided to give one more shot in 2017. Will work hard again and hope will make it this time.
Nothing goes in vain if you work hard. You will definitely get something out of it. And that something will take you at a height which everybody else wants to go on.
Vinay Agarawal

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