This story is about two boys who went on a trip to Indore. They are talking and teasing each other about their earlier failed trip to Indore where things didn't go the way they planned. Read the whole story to find out what actually happened there!

“Finally! we reached Indore jai!” I said and gave him a smirk. Jai laughed and thought of our last trip. I placed my bag on the bed of our hotel room, “please lord Rama don't show your goodness this time.” Jai made a face and said, “if you don't help somebody, don't accept from the world to help you.”

“And here goes our God again” I said . “Do you remember how much effort we were putting on that trip with limited resources, we didn't even tell our parents about our tiny adventure”

“I know, right? I just told them that we’re going for some college events and I hope that they believed me because I don’t know how to tell lies.” Said jai and he started washing his hands.

Well, I might agree with you on this but you are quite a good planner, I must say, you know how we planned the train to Bhopal from Gwalior in the morning and convinced the ticket checker to compensate the bribe according to our budget to get sleeper coach, those were the days man! Anyways I’m hungry, just order some food please!

“Yeah! You should feel lucky that you got a friend like me. I always save you from situations, remember our school time, and earlier trips” said jai to tease him and called room service to order their dinner. “Right! But that time you got us stuck, all things were set, after reaching Bhopal, we got a ticket of bus to Indore at 6pm , had our lunch and were relaxing while sipping our cup of tea and then that happened.”

I said, “I still remember that, a mini van hit that girl riding a scooter and that poor girl fainted then and there.” Jai replied, “Yes she was hurt badly. I can’t believe how people were behaving, they were not at all helping, nor letting us help, just because of the fear of a police case.” I spoke with a gentle tone, “I don’t know the boy who hardly speaks to a stranger got so brave in helping a person, you just made up a false story instantly to avoid police case and you, my lovely friend! How can I forget donated his own blood too even after the doctor said that he could arrange that easily.” They heard a doorbell and it was their food delivery. “okay, please stop exaggerating, I haven’t done that much.”

“That much! Our whole trip was upside down, we missed our bus. Dude, you did that much and you should have given her a chance to express her gratitude.” I said while opening the food packets.

“You should never help in order to get something back, not even a thank you and stop blabbering, I want to eat now” said jai and I just sighed.


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