I saw me in u

I saw u as me

Heart n mind both made one thing to see

It was only our beautifull relationship……


It took long time to discover

That we were friends forever

But it was time to depart

And I was only left with broken heart…..


There was no hi!

And there was no goodbye

There was a silence between me and u

Still I found reasons to look up to u…….


But I was wrong in finding the reasons

As u changed like any season

I tried n tried to be with u

I cried n died to talk to u…..


Everything failed on my part

Because we were always apart

U took decision to cut off from me

U stopped talking to me….


Difficult to believe that you were gone

Difficult to console that I have to move on

Still there was a hope in me

That you will never forget me….


But I was the biggest fool AS I SAW ME IN U……!!!!


Tanu Aggarwal
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