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Tell us your story, we will write it.


Here you can read real life stories which can help you in your life.

Here you can find poetry and articles of some hidden writers. If you wrote something, tell us, we will publish it.


We have published some stories which are based on real life incidents. These stories have motivational messages for everyone. We are searching for story and story writers. If you have interest in writing short stories or you have any story to tell, please contact us. Its easy to contact us.


A collection of poetry in every taste. Love, Life, Struggle, Motivation, Advice and many more. Enjoy the poetry from our poets. If you wrote even a single poetry, tell us we will share with others. Here you can get a good platform to publish your poems and its FREE.


Several thoughts in one article may touch your heart. Experiences of our writers are shared in these articles. Again, this place is not just for reading. If you write articles,  hit the publish button to share on SFY.


We believe thoughts can come from any age group. Here writers are from different age groups, different places, different profession and sharing their thoughts in different way of writings. If you also have interest in writing please be a part of our circle. 

Story of One can Inspire Hundred others

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