Money: A piece of paper with the utmost value which never saw how dustbin looks like has now become the biggest issue today. People who earned money through their hard work are now sleeping w/o any worry and those with their illegitimate money are now thinking of various ways to either hide it or to convert it
f/m Black to White.

Demonetization: A Surgical Strike to eradicate the Black Money, brought into execution to bring the economy of India on track has now taught people the importance of Rs.100 notes. People who had never opened an account in a bank are now agreed to wait in long serpentine queues to open an account followed by depositing of the money. Sons who had left their parents in Old age homes are now depositing Lakhs of money in their parents' accounts. People who used to be engaged in Dowry System now have to execute the marriage in a limited amount. People who had never used Debit card have now learnt how to use it. Digitization is on it's way to occupy its place in India now and many new steps are still being taken up by the Government to promote it including NO Service Tax on the transaction of up to Rs.2000 using Debit Card.

This has now become an ubiquitous topic to discuss. More than 90% believe it to be a great step taken by Government. Opposition to this issue by some parties has now raised to such level that our H'ble President had to come forward to remind the ministers in Parliament about the work which they are supposed to do.

It's been a month now, situation has got ameliorated at some places while people are undergoing through pain to get the money to make both ends meet at rest of the places.

Every good thing brings some pain w/ itself. So here is it. Short term pain but a step which is gonna pave the way to the betterment of the country. Feel glad that people are supporting this.

Hope, in a fortnight or so, the situation gets normal and people enjoy its positive results.

Vinay Agarawal

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