Have you ever thought what inspires us the most?
It is the achievements of someone like us. One who has the will to make one's dreams come true, the courage to face the challenges coming one's way, the never say die attitude to rise after each fall until one succeeds.
All of us have this inner voice, that guides us towards our goals, but some of us fail to recognize its true meaning. We need some kind of motivation and inspiration to give ourselves a chance , to recognize our inner voice and to pursue our passion.
 Here at story for you , we will help you have a glance at the stories of real life heroes, who could be anyone, you, me, someone from your family, friends, someone you know and someone you do not know.
We believe everyone in his/her life has done something , which makes oneself proud of him/her, in which moment he has felt like a hero. Our motive here is to bring such stories out of their memories to the heart of every person reading it, through  storyforyou.in.
 We believe

   'Story of one can inspire Hundred others'

Do let us know if you have any such story, we will publish it on our website for free.We are not only limited to real life stories, if you write articles or poems (any language) then also storyforyou can give you a platform to publish your 'Work of Art'.
  Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always at your service.
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