I have been really struggling to write this story from a long time and here it goes.
It was all beyond independence-1947. My grandfather, a man from Karachi (Now a part of Pakistan) was from a very rich family. His father was a doctor but with a sick mentality. He used to beat all his four sons (including my grandfather) as he was an alcoholic, while my grandmother was from Ajmer (still a part of India). They both met each other at a relative’s marriage or rather say at friend’s marriage.
My mother showed me a photo where my grandfather is standing next to groom and my grandmother is the second bridesmaid next to bride. My grandmother told me that “My Prince was the … man to the Groom”. I love her calling my grandfather “My Prince”.

Post their friends’ marriage, they continued meeting again and again… they say it to be accidental… but rather it was intentional. They fell in love.
Soon, they were engaged and married at Ajmer and parceled to Karachi in late 1946. The 1947 partition of India and Pakistan led to the largest migration in human and so did happen to my grandparents. My grandmother used to tell me stories how they came from Karachi back to Ajmer travelling on roof of a train fully loaded. There was no food and water as well.

During this turmoil, the entire family hid in graveyard for 2 days and in all this they lost their eldest son. Still, whenever my grandmother think about that day, she has tears in her eyes in the remembrance of my late uncle and the pain they went through.
In all this, my grandparent’s loves remain intact.
Life is relentless at times, struggling to survive, stressing out over money, wondering how you will be able to everything- It’s easy to get lost in it all. But it’s those moments when you love, care, trust, feel and “still” laugh; that the weight of the world seems to lift and make you feel great and happy.
So, love your grandparents, because you do not know that how much they have suffered, sacrificed for your parents, sacrificed for you.
It’s only love that one generation can pass to other. My grandparents did, my parents did, now it’s me.
Love your Grandparents. Care for them.

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