This is a story of journey of a share market expert from pasting posters to get featured on the posters.
Vibhor Varshney is a 25 years old SEBI registered share market advisor who became expert in his domain at a very young age.
A failed CA aspirant now has 1900+ students across India from all age groups and completed 80+ training batches on share market.


छोटी उम्र में बड़े मुकाम पर मिल जाते हैं लोग,
उम्र का क्या है, सफलता से बड़े हो जाते हैं लोग ||

-लोकेश रूसिया

I entered my office and straight went to my chair while talking on call. I sat and caught a young boy sitting on the couch. I cut the call and that boy came towards me and said, “you shouldn't sit there, that is sir's chair.” I smiled at him, at that moment only, one of my students knocked the door and asked, “May I come in sir?”. I saw that boy, he was astonished. I nodded and he came in to solve one doubt, I cleared that and then he went.

As soon as my student left, that boy said, “I'm sorry, sir! But I did not have any idea that you would be so young.” I said very calmly, “you are not the first person to do that.”

“Sir… but…sir… but”, he hesitated.

I asked him to sit down and offered him water, “you can say whatever you want to”, I said.

He replied, “How you reached this pinnacle? In such an early age!”.

“It's a long story.” I said.

But he insisted to know the story and I started recalling the chain of events which has led me to this day.

I was a very studious child, you know the kids who wake up at 5 am to revise, I was one of those. We lived in Ghaziabad that time. My father is a business man and he established a wholesale business of glasses in Ghaziabad. As my father had good sense of business, I was also business minded and chose commerce as my stream. I always had a dream to study commerce from Delhi University after school. Getting admission in Delhi University was a challenge for me. I worked really hard to get the admission in Delhi University and I got succeeded. Just after my twelfth class, I got admission in my dream university. I was on cloud seven as I was joined the college of my choice and I was very curious to learn advanced concepts in college. Everything was going well but soon the day came which changed my life completely.

In my first semester only, one day I had an argument with one of the professors about their teaching method. They were teaching the same things that I have learnt in my school. Another point that I raised was that the commerce students are not provided any practical experience unlike science students. Colleges do not take us to the factories and etc to show us the management. No one supported me. They did not even try to understand my point which led me to take hardest or one of the best decisions of my life. I dropped the college. My parents were unhappy for a moment but later believed in me.

After dropping out from college, I thought of clearing exams of CA and I cleared the entrance for CA and started preparing for IPCC. Me and my friend would go to Delhi in the morning and after studying, we would reach home around 9 to 10’o clock. This was my routine but when exams came closer, my health started shaking that affected my health adversely. I got the problem of kidney stones and when I gave the exam, I failed. It was the first failure of my life, I locked myself in my room for two days. My parents thought that I might do something awful but I made them understand. I gave IPCC exam after six months and I failed again. Then I decided not to take this forward because it was not my thing. It’s been around one and a half years after my twelfth and I wasted time. I dropped my college, failed in CA exam and also, I was undergoing kidney stone treatment. I was going through a tough time. But who knew that the worst time of my life was yet to come.

After my CA exams result, I was clueless about career options. Then someone told me that Company Secretary (CS) is a little easier than CA. I searched about it and started preparing for CS. I cleared the two exams of CS in my first attempt and got my self confidence back which I was losing slowly-slowly. I was studying day and night for the CS exams and I was very much confident that I will clear all the CS exam in first attempt. However, it did not work as I was thinking. While I was writing the final exam, the pain occurred again in the examination hall only, I left that exam in between.

My health was degraded and there were back to back four operations. I was failed in my first attempt of CS exams. I could clear the exam in next attempt but as my treatment was going on, I couldn’t focus on studies. I was hopeless but my parents tried to motivate me and asked me to write second attempt. I gave it again but failed. I realized that It is too, not possible for me and decided left CS. However, I did not know what to do next but still I went with my decision.

It was almost 3 years after twelfth. My friends were about to get bachelor’s degree and still I was just a twelfth pass student. My parents advised and I did apply for b.com hons from school of open learning just in case nothing would work out. My professional life was zero and my personal life was devastated. My three years long relationship ended as I was not doing anything and she couldn’t see any future in me. I was living in frustration, I was doing nothing, just went to the gym and did some petty works and earned my pocket money from that. Then one day my parents suggested to do regular college again but I could not collect the courage and efforts to put in that, if I have spent two years after dropping out of the college and then again going back to college made no sense to me. My elder sister was about to complete become Dental Surgeon and I did not know how would I face her.

It was that period where I was feeling lost, I left college, then CA and then CS, I did not want to go to my father’s business and relatives were suggesting their opinions but nothing seemed to help. I have wasted one complete year in frustration and did nothing. Everyone was thinking that I don’t want to do anything and thought my career is finished.

It is well said “every dark night of life has a new dawn to come”. One day, a friend of mine suggested that if I’m good in economics, I should go in the fields of stock market. And here a new chapter of my life begun. I knew about stock market but I never thought to go into it. As I had nothing, I tried my hands in it. I opened an account out of my savings of rupees 2000. Gradually, profits and losses came and I learnt at least 2 percent of this market. I started networking on Facebook and started a WhatsApp group of 10-15 people that become of 100 people in 2015. After that market became volatile, government changed and losses occur a lot. Then my mother suggested to do a course on stock market. I took the advice and searched for the courses. I found one with a good teacher and I joined it. He taught me well and I came two steps ahead. I used to chat on our WhatsApp group and used to have discussions on share market daily. People liked my points and appreciated my knowledge in share market. What I studied while preparing for CA and CS, helped me to understand market terms in depth. Later people suggested that I can advise people well and can consider the option of being an advisor.

But I did not have any license so I applied in SEBI, the governing body handling stock market. My application got rejected because I did not have any professional degree. So, I applied for MBA in correspondence only. I never opened those books, I just went and give exams and by the grace of god, I passed with first division. My earlier studies helped in it; my practical knowledge of market played very important role in doing that. And I got the license in 2017.

I taught my one acquaintance. He liked my content and teaching methods so he helped in starting my first batch. He had an office in Orissa, so he asked me to come Orrisa take batch, I taught 3 students in my first batch. I knew I would come in loses, but it would help in networking and most importantly I might learn something. My first batch was very successful.

I started to do my second batch in Delhi but not even a single person came there. Second time I was failed but this time I did not lose hope. I planned for third batch in Pune. There were 12 students in my Pune batch. I added practical examples and sessions in my teaching methods which my students liked most and this was the main concern I raised in my college that commerce students should also get practical experience. Reviews on my teachings from these students helped me to take more successful batches. I used to advertise on Facebook and from other mediums also. I did more batches across India and I was doing this all alone. In the first year only, I made 900 students. Then as we grew, students started demanding to learn on a higher level, I started studying more and we started teaching that also.

Ups and downs came, there were people who learnt from us and then started teaching from our content only. Some people advised me that If I have to go a long way, I should ignore them. I started teaching advance level too. In this period of three years, I have 1800 students all over the country and completed more than 80 batches. I also started learning about international share market and now I have planned to take a batch in Dubai.

I have students who are retired, have their own business and also those who are lost like I was one day. If you become my student for once, you will be my student for forever, if you want to come again to learn, there will be no additional fee. I have named my WhatsApp group of the batches 'back to school' because we will treat you like kids, I will give you homework and I want your mind to be empty of any other thoughts. Now I feel quite good in saying that I’m teaching CAs too, the one profession I could not do.

“That is really amazing, sir! You are a true self-made man. The things I heard about you; I could not even imagine that you will be 25 years old. I heard about your philanthropic activities; I mean how are you managing that also?” That boy with a smile asked.

"I believe in, if god has given me everything and made me capable of helping others, so why I should not help those who are in need. I go in old age homes and also help acid attack survivors. One thing is growth and then there is progress and then comes ultimate happiness. If your sale was 100 crores and you made them 200 crores that is growth. If you were happy in doing that, then you have made progress but if you have increased your sales, you are happy, and giving time to your family and also giving society something back then you have reached ultimate happiness."

Now when I look back, I do not regret anything and I feel good about my struggle, if those things did not happen, I would not be sitting here and telling you this story.” I remember once when I gave a failed attempt of CA in 2013, that time I did not have much to do. So, I contacted an organization to get some work, they gave me posters to put them out in public and I did it.  Now after six years, by the grace of God people are putting out my posters.

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